How to learn Spanish with Confidence Learning Services

how to learn spanish

How to learn Spanish successfully with a fluent speaker

Between CDs, DVDs, textbooks, and the ever-popular Rosetta Stone and similar computer programs, your options when it comes to how to learn Spanish can be overwhelming! At Confidence Learning Services, we freely admit that the best way to learn Spanish is to spend time in a Spanish-speaking country. So if you can, go ahead and schedule your trip to the Dominican Republic or Mexico. But, if you’re like many of us, you may not have the freedom to pack up and head to a Spanish speaking country. That’s where Confidence Learning Services comes in as the next best thing – learning Spanish with one-on-one interaction with a fluent speaker, either in-person or via Skype. But how exactly is that going to work?

How to learn Spanish – Understand your purpose and set your goals

Every Spanish course we offer starts with a discussion of your personal goals. If you want to know how to learn Spanish, we have to start by asking why you want to learn Spanish. To communicate with extended family or an adopted child? To grow your business or boost your resume or college application? Then we will talk about what you want to accomplish by the end of a 6 or 12 week course. Do you want to perfect your interview skills, or just be able to order food in a restaurant? Setting realistic goals helps you to focus on your language learning and better understand your achievements.

How to learn Spanish – Identify your learning style and resources

Because all Confidence Learning Services are personalized, we prioritize your learning style. You don’t just want to know how to learn Spanish – you want to know how to learn Spanish in the best possible way for you. If you’re an avid reader, we may do a book study. A movie buff? It’s time to check out some Almodovar films. If you’re religious, we can find some Spanish language services in your area. Everyone is unique, and your Spanish learning experience should be too.

How to learn Spanish – Dive in

After we identify your purpose, goals, and learning style and assess your current language level, we will recommend several resources you can begin using right away. The key here is to dive in. Switch as many possible weekly activities into Spanish – watch TV, Movies, and YouTube videos in Spanish. Listen to Spanish radio in the car. Read recipes in Spanish, switch your GPS to Spanish, do your shopping and eating out at Spanish language establishments. You’ll also need to practice with websites, books, and hopefully, some conversation partners.

How to learn Spanish – Have fun

As you continue to learn Spanish, the key is to find out what activities you enjoy and learn from the most. This is how to learn Spanish successfully – don’t force yourself to watch a TV show that you hate, find something that you love doing and keep doing it. As you do, your Confidence Spanish Language coach will guide you into new language-learning experiences and opportunities, give you the keys to unlocking the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation you need and help clarify any confusion or misunderstandings you have as you continue in the language learning process.

So now you have a better idea of how to learn Spanish with Confidence Learning Services.

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by Laura Brewer