Improving your Indian Accent

Improving your Indian accent can be key to your success here in the U.S.

Many accent reduction clients of Indian origin have a unique perspective on English pronunciation. Most have spoken English from a young age, or are native English speakers. Not only that, but many people who are seeking to reduce their Indian accent have a very high level of education, with advanced degrees in medicine, science, IT or engineering.

Being able to communicate that knowledge clearly is not only valuable for the speakers, but also the community that can benefit from that knowledge.

Spoken American English

Clients who were educated in English, like many Indian English speakers, have a high level of success when it comes to reading, writing and vocabulary.

But their spoken English is not always easily comprehensible to American English speakers. In fact, the Indian accent is generally recognized as one of the most difficult for American English speakers to understand.

Three common problems for Indian speakers using American English

Here are 3 common American English pronunciation problems made by English speakers from India:

Indian English

1. Indian English Pronunciation – Strong /d/ sound instead of a /th/ sound

You probably tend to use a heavy /d/ sound instead of the voiced th sound in words including; the, there, mother & brother.

2. Indian English Pronunciation – /v/ & /w/ sounds

If you do not differentiate between the /v/ sound &  the /w/ sound in words like we, will, went & where, your English will be very difficult for Americans to understand.

3. Indian English Pronunciation – Syllable stress and vowel length

One very important area of concern is the way you use syllable stress when pronouncing American English words.

Non standard use of syllable stress is a primary cause of confusion and misunderstanding.

In my years of accent reduction coaching, I’ve noticed that the root cause of many communication problems for Indian English speakers is due to incorrect syllable stress and vowel length.

Indian English speakers frequently stress the wrong syllables in words.

When this happens, it makes it very, very difficult for American English speakers to understand what you are saying.


These are common words that Indian English speakers usually stress incorrectly. Click the word to hear the standard stress and pronunciation.

What can you do to learn the correct sounds & patterns?

If you are an Indian English speaker who feels like you are not communicating clearly, and you want to communicate in a manner that will enhance your career success, you’ll probably want to make some changes in your pronunciation.

American English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction

An excellent way to start improving is to sign up for a personal evaluation of your English Pronunciation, and then enroll in an American English Pronunciation course. If you choose to take this course with Confidence Learning Services, your evaluation is absolutely free, and you can access live, one-on-one instruction with a highly-qualified instructor anywhere via Skype. You’ll learn proven methods for communicating more clearly in American English, and most speakers see a 50-80% improvement in just 12 weeks.

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by Laura Brewer