Professional Business English for your Website and Social Media

business english

Your company’s online presence is one of the first ways that potential customers and clients interact with your business.

Are you using professional business English, or are embarrassing mistakes scaring off customers?

Chances are, you’ve invested money and time in creating an online presence to represent your company. Perhaps you have even hired a web designer or an SEO professional to ensure that your website gets a greater amount of traffic.

But what do customers see when they follow you on twitter, read your blog post, add you on Google+, like you on Facebook, or scroll through your website?

Here are a few real-life examples of distracting business English mistakes on professional websites:

Business English Mistake #1:

“General informations about right of residence for foreigners”

Business English Mistake #2:

“keep your rates down while rewardring your teen for responsible driving”

Business English Mistake #3:

“We makes over 100,000 photobooks a year”

Business English Mistake #4:

“Warning! You will lost current progress if you close window. Are you shure?”

You probably want your customers to see professional business English that accurately represents your company. Perhaps you think that spelling and grammar errors like the ones above aren’t that important, as long as the main idea is there. But a recent 2013 study suggests that 59% of people would not use a company with poor grammar on its website.

The grammatical and spelling mistakes lurking in your posts, tweets and pages can have a negative impact on your image. Clients may come to your site seeking a professional contractor, accountant or fitness instructor, but instead they find a page full of misspellings, confusing sentences, poor business English, or grammatical errors. Instead of contacting you for more information, they may leave your page wondering if you are really the professional that you are representing yourself to be.

business english

If they can’t spell correctly, what else are they doing wrong?


If English is not your first language, it can make the process of creating professional business English text even more difficult. While you are spending all your time scheduling updates, drafting blog posts, and checking your web traffic, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes may be more difficult to notice.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours second-guessing your blog posts or website pages. Confidence Learning Services offers an in-depth grammatical, spelling and composition analysis of all text on your website, social media page, blog, or other English-language media. You don’t have to worry about the difference between “they’re” “their” and “there.” During the months of May and June, this service is only $99 (regularly $150).

Let us do the work for you, so that you can get back to doing what you do best. Contact Confidence Learning Services today at 1-865-226-9477 to schedule your business English-language analysis.

by Laura Brewer