New English Pronunciation Course Options from Confidence Learning Services

Knoxville Accent Reduction

English Pronunciation Courses to better fit your lifestyle

Here at Confidence Learning Services, we enjoy being the premier provider of language and accent reduction services in the Knoxville area, and part of what makes us stand out is our flexibility. If you are interested in a course that lasts 6 weeks or 6 months, we can arrange that for you. However, we also have some pre-planned courses that we recommend to our clients. We’ve recently developed some new course options that we think will better serve our clients. Take a look at our new options:

Accent reduction Knoxville


Comprehensive Accent Reduction

Some clients will need to invest a little more time in their pronunciation practice in order to communicate as clearly as they would like. If you regularly have to repeat yourself to make yourself understood, feel that your career has been impacted or limited by your pronunciation, or avoid certain situations because of your struggles with pronunciation, this course is likely for you. Also, if you have previously tried other accent reduction programs without success, this may be the best course option for you.

Confidence Accent Reduction

Most of our clients can demonstrate 50-80% improvement in their accent in just 12 weeks, which is precisely what this course offers. If you occasionally have to repeat yourself to make yourself understood, or notice that people focus primarily on your accent instead of what you have to say, this is a good course to consider.

English Pronunciation Mini Course

Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to one of the longer courses just yet, and just want to try out a few courses, or perhaps you have an important speech or presentation to deliver. We’re happy to help you achieve a very targeted goal in just 3-weeks with this mini-course. This is a good option for someone who just wants to brush up, or is interested in sampling the lessons before committing to a longer course.

And of course, don’t forget about our free, sixty-minute evaluation. 

We’ll conduct an in-depth evaluation of all of the sounds in the English language, as well as a few key skills in this evaluation. We’ll also discuss your personal goals, and you get undivided one-on-one attention from a highly qualified instructor – for free! There’s no obligation to continue if you decide the course isn’t right for you.

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of these new course offerings. Contact Confidence Learning Services at 1-865-226-9477 to sign up today.